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The Republic of Turkey is a state whose territory includes the extreme eastern part of Thrace, in Europe, and the peninsula of Anatolia. The capital is Ankara, one of the three major cities in Turkey with Izmir and Istanbul, which is the largest city in the country and the largest industrial and commercial center. The coasts of the country are covered by dense forests, especially in the east coast of the Black Sea, or the Old Bridge. Tourism is a good resource for the country and recently has been seen a clear expansion. The Gulet is the classic Turkish yacht successfully exported around the world. The ultimate sailing holiday here is the charter on gulets. Originally used for fishing and transport, it was later turned into a pleasure craft. Constructed entirely of wood, gulets can navigate by sail or motor and can accommodate from 6 to 24 passengers in single or double cabins with bathroom. Of course for those wishing to experience the small and medium-sailing you can hire boats in all sizes in bareboat or crewed charter.