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Malaysia South

South of Malaysia, due to its location, it has beautiful crystal clear waters and long white sand beaches that make the place one of the few unspoiled paradise of the world. In addition, the particularly mild climate in this part of Malaysia, means that you can go to the beach the whole year, dedicating yourself to sailing and motor charter. The south of Malaysia is dotted with small islands, easily reachable by sailboats and motor yachts from Singapore.
Batam Island is a small island, inhabited by about one million people, rich in multinational factories, shopping malls and also serves as a means to reach the islands of Riau.
The Riau Islands are an archipelago that is located in the south of Malaysia and Singapore.
Bintan is the largest island and home to the capital of Tanjung Pinang, considered one of the new destinations.
Karimun lies to the west of the island of Batam and has become famous for its granite mine and its beautiful beaches.
Off the east coast of Bintan Island, lies the island of Mapur, which offers a pristine environment and considered a real paradise for lovers of scuba diving and sailing charters. Fishing enthusiasts will be abl