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Morze Karaibskie - Wenezuela

Venezuela is located in northern South America. It is a nation of great beauty and contrasting landscapes. Los Roques is an archipelago of Venezuela, located in the Caribbean, at 160 km from La Guaira, the port of Caracas, known for its beauty and ecological importance. The best way to get to Los Roques is the rental of a boat or to arrive on the island of Gran Roque by plane and rent a catamaran or a sailing vessel, but also cabin charters are offered. The archipelago consists in about fifty islands. The most important, "Grand Roque", is the only inhabited island and owns the airport. What makes Los Roques an extraordinary place is the great extent of a calm sea which surrounds the island and the presence of lakes, cliffs and beaches with white sand and crystalline waters with incredible colors. A holiday on a boat between the islands with a trip through the mangroves to explore the local wildlife: pelicans, herons and boobies going on to Las Aves archipelago. The archipelago consists in two groups of islands that forms two almost circular lagoons sheltered by a coral reef about 10 miles from each other, are totally uninhabited, and a shallow white sand not far from the coral and the feeling to float in the air, on glass, because of the incredible clear water and it’s visible multi-colored backdrop.