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Nowa Zelandia

The New Zealand is a country of rare beauty and landscape variety: 
glacial mountains, impetuous rivers, lakes clear and deep, geyser and boiling muds.
Numerous they are also the reserves  
forest, the long desert beaches and a faunal patrimony that understands the kiwi. 
The New Zealand is found in the ocean Pacific southern, 1600 south km of Australia.
It extends you for 1600 kms in direction  
north-south and it is formed from two great islands and a handful of islets more  
small, some to little distance from the most greater islands, other distano hundreds of kilometers. 
The crowded hard tourist season from November to April, the warmest months. 
The seas of the New Zelanda entertain various fish kinds: tunas, marlin,  
snapper (of the family of the lutianidis), trevally (family of the carangidis), kahawai and sharks; while the sea mammals (dolphins, seals and whales) they attract lovers of the nature from  
the whole world. There are 12 national parks, 20 forest parks, three parks  
maritime and two sea, besides two areas declared Patrimony of the humanity:  
the Tongariro National Park on the island of the North and You Waihipouna-mu on the island of the South.