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Nowa Kaledonia

Pearl of indescribable beauty of the ocean Pacific, the New Caledonia is absorbed in the greatest lagoon of the world and belongs to the continent Oceania. 
The archipelago of the New Caledonia extends him for around 19.000km2 and is formed from the Great Earths, the principal island on which the capital Nouméa is found, from the islands Loyauté, the Ile des Pins and Belep a lot of others numerous dwarfish islets. 
The official language is French but the local populations “Kanak” they speak his/her own autochtonous dialects and local languages. 
Once known only for the importance of the mining extraction and the agricultural production, the Nouvelle Calédonie is one of the destinations tursitiche more aspired to world lilvello today. To the eyes of the tourist visitor indescribable sceneries open... clear waters from the color green emerald to blue and blue cobalt, beaches from dream of candida sand, a luxuriant and luxuriant nature, a long coral barrier well 1600 kms... fantastic landscapes for naturalistic itineraries and at the same time fizzy life in the capital Nouméa. 
The climate is almost always warm with the presence of two seasons, that damp and some warmest (December-April), and that shoal (June-October) fresh and dry and therefore the best in which to plan a dream trip.