Włochy - Marsala

Marsala is a commune of 77.013 inhabitants in the Province in Trapani, on the western coast of Sicily; it is for number of inhabitants the fifth Sicilian commune. In the on the 250 square Kms of extension it has a rich cultural and landscape patrimony.

To reach the city is necessary to cross the highway A29 dir. Trapani from Palermo up to the end of this artery viatica (120 Kms c.a.). Marsala has also served from the airport of Trapani-Birgi, with daily connections with Rome and Milan and other important cities, distant c.a. 8 kms from the city center.

Western extreme point of Sicily the city rises on Head Boeo, with sight on the Egadi Islands and on the islands of the Stagnone (these last ones belong to the town territory). Really the archipelago of the Stagnone is one of the most suggestive zones in the city, being natural reserve and having a rich historical patrimony. Mothia (one of the islands) in fact it was Phoenician installation that gave origin to the actual city.